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Aero Robotics

We provide a wide of range Robotic & Automation solution

in the field of Aerospace, Air-Ambulance & Airports.


Aero-Maintenance Robotic & Automation Solutions

We offer these systems/robots for four different usage types

1. Commercial Jet Maintainance 

2. Business Jet Maintainance 

3. Helicopter/VTOL Maintenance

4. Airforce/Military Aircraft Maintainance


In-Flight Automation Systems

We Provide the best and safest flight experiences for your passengers. Manage your jet passengers with minimal aircrew. Our robots/automation helps your aircrew and works side-by-side them to minimize the work they have to do in the air.


Have more situational awareness of your jets for pilots. Have all the observation data in your fingertip, with multiple independent observational sensor/automation.


airport automation.png

Airport Automation

Navigate & Manage passengers at your airport with our robotic systems & automation solutions.

Our airport automation/robots operate in these categories:-

1. Crowd Navigation 

2. Automated Airport Taxies 

3. Automated Food & Supply Chain Management Systems

4. Advanced Narcotics Sensing Robotics

5. Contraband & Firearm Sensing Solutions

airport IOT.png

Airport IOT Solutions, IOT Cloud & Advanced A.I Assisted
Resource Management

Have all the live important data of the airport at your fingertips, like runways conditions, crowd situation, official location, supply-chain situation, all the schedules of every moving object, Air-Take-off & Landing Que, Emergency situation, Holiday situation management, Ground Crew Location and All the possible resources in your hand. Our IOT cloud lets you have all of that and several more with help from A.I to make the split-second decisions.


1.  Airport IOT Solutions

2. Airport IOT Hybrid Cloud

3.  Airport Management Automation & AI Assistance


High-Altitude Air-to-Air Multi-Angle Freedom ARM-based Refueling System


pre flight.png

Modern Aircraft are made with millions of removable, structural and non-removal parts and to completely check all the parts before it becomes airborne, is very time consuming and costly. Our robotic lineup lets you check your jet in a few minutes in much more detail while a significant reduction in human testing. 

1. Commercial Jet Preflight Safety Checkup Automation

2. Business Jet Preflight Safety Checkup Automation

3. Helicopter Preflight Automation

4. SWARM Automation

ground crew.png
air ambulance.png

We provide three different types of air-ambulance automation, robotic & advanced sensing solutions. Our systems help understand, diagnose, manage & stabilize the patient/patients with the onboard doctor/nurses' cooperation. As these are made with light-weight materials, they don't add much weight to the aircraft and comes with self-cleaning/hygiene technologies, so they are always ready to be used.   

1. Jet Air-Ambulance Automation

2. Helicopter Air-Ambulance Automation

3.Military Air-Ambulance Automation

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