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Distributed A.I

Rapid growth in usage of AI systems and applications in all types of businesses, which is set to grow at a much higher rate in the future than now. If you want your business to stay at the top of your competition market, you/your business probably uses or will use more than one A.I Enabled Solutions, Analytical AI, Smart Automation or Other Types of AI-driven applications. To keep your business/company at its peak performance and generate higher revenue, we build customized & ready to use distributed AI and AI Embedded systems. Our solutions reduce the running cost and maximize productivity, in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. 

1.  DAS Automation Solutions

2. DAS Networking Solutions

3. DAS Internal Systems

4. DAS Web Integration

5. DAS Physical World Applications

6. DAS "Deep Stage Learning"

7. Das Govt Applications

8. Das Military Solutions


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