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Fly Faster, Safer & Greener
Flying Supersonic Doesn't Have to Be Costly

We are happy to introduce our HyE-2000 Jet family. Fly around the earth at Mach 4.4. Fly faster than most fighter jets. Flying at super-sonic doesn't have to be costly or fuel inefficient. Our HyE-2000 is a Hybrid-Electric Jet Aircraft. This means it will save up to 30% fuel at super-sonic speed. It becomes more efficient as it gains more speed.

Some professions require you to travel around the world but today's jets are just not fast enough. In today's age & time, every minute & hour can be counted in money, because as humans we are living a faster life than ever before in history. Our family of aircraft lets you save time & money by traveling in the fastest commercial jets.

For some flyers living fast is just a normal lifestyle, with our jets it's about to get a lot faster. 

In this aircraft, you can travel faster, safer & higher than any commercial jet or even a military Fighter Jet.


For Flyers:-

 Be a part of the Mach 4 Jet Age. Fly at above Mach 4 at the price of Premium Economy tickets.


 Fly in the fastest commercial jet.


 Fly in another level of luxury, comfort, peace, and safety.


For Businesses:- 

 Save up to 30% fuel costs.


 These systems come with its own wide range of automation maintenance solutions which significantly reduces the maintenance costs.


 More Space for Revenue generation and growth.


 More Faster Routes plannings options. 


 Have More Flights at the same time period.


 Having fight time-periods less than halved, have more space for more

flights from more destinations. 

Engine- "Our own Hybrid-Electric Jet Engines fall for new Patent & Sub-Category Patent Generation; Because of pending patent statues we can't share anything about our Engines". And our engines will be alternative fuel adaptable.


1. Reduced Sonic Boom

2. Significantly Reduced Carbon Emission


3. Plug-In Hybrid


4. Integrated Built-In AI

5. Built-In Automation


6. Lower Maintenance Costs

7. Faster Than Most Of Military Fighter Jets

8. Most Luxurious & Advanced Interior In Commercial Jet

9. Highest Altitude Ever Reached By Commercial Jet

10. Built-In In-flight Experience & Entertainment Systems


& Many More...

HyE-2000 Family

In this family, we offer two aircraft with a different range, seating capability, and fuel usage

Technical Specifications 






Length (M)


Wing Span (M)


Height (M)

Range (KM)

Engines- 2xHTJ-690X 
Top Speed MACH - 4.4
Top Speed MACH - 4.4

HyE-2000 Extended





Length (M)


Wing Span (M)


Height (M)

Range (KM)

Engines- 2xHTJ-690X 
Top Speed MACH - 4.2
Top Speed MACH - 4.2
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