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Industrial Robotics


We provide a unique, configurable, efficient & cost-cutting robotic lineup, which lets you minimize your labor force with our highly productive robotic lineup. As our systems come in a wide spectrum of manufacture, processing, packaging, storage and delivery type Robotic/Automation Solutions.


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1. Manufacture Robotics

2. Industrial Hybrid-3D Printing Solutions

3. Free Angle Large Scale CNC Solutions

4. Material Processing Robotics

5. Processing Robotics

6. Packaging Robotics Lineup

7. Storage Automation Solutions

8. Automated Delivery Solutions

one station.png

One of our advanced manufacturing robotics is this specific type of robotic solution for complex manufacturing & processing requirements. This lets you significantly cut the space and robotics hub.

1. ONSMAR Stage-1

2. ONSMAR Stage-2

3. ONSMAR Stage-3

4. ONSMAR Stage-4

5. ONSMAR Stage-5

6. ONSMAR Ultimate

multi station.png

Today's factories and manufacturing plants are filled with lots of machines, robots, power-supply systems, Vehicles and many more which need maintenance and cleaning. For this situation, we provide a wide range of Automated industrial maintenance and cleaning Robotic Solutions

1. Maintenance Robotics Solutions Lineup

2. Deep-Cleaning Robotics Solutions

3. Advanced Machinery Observational Scanners


Even today's some of the extremely complex tasks, designs, repairs need the human touch, but our system lets workers enhance productivity and perfection. These systems come with advanced sensing AI-assisted human-machine interaction options, they are also configurable and can control with IOT Solutions.

1. Heavy Scale Configurable Industrial Exoskeleton

2. Micro Configurable Industrial Exoskeleton

3. Overhaul Exoskeleton

industrial iot.png

Do you own a small business, warehouse, storage unit, factory,

a company, data center or anything else which you need to monitor 24/7, our systems/automation/robots come in that place to monitor, protect, sense, observe, manage and assist with the situation, the products or any problem. These systems also come with Advanced AI monitoring & Assistance; Hybrid Cloud Storage Unit so all your private information can stay private to you.

1. Industrial IOT Monitoring Systems & Automation Solutions

2. Hybrid IOT Cloud And Cloud Infrastructure

3. AI Assisted Resource Management & Monitoring Systems

supply chain.png

Supply-Chain Automation can significantly increase your profitability and revenue generation. If you are a raw material processing company, Tier (N) Supplier Company or  Small Business owner, our system/automation lets you manage your product in a Smart way while Supply-Chain Management Flow.


1. Product Delivery Automation

2. Product Storage & Management Automation

3. Sensitive & Fragile Handling/Packaging Automation

4. Large Product Delivery Automation

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