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Medical Robotics

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Our medical assistant robots help your doctors, nurses, ER nurses, Military Field Doctors, Surgeons, ICU care systems, Burn Ward, Infectious Diseases Control Room, Special Quarantine Situations, Infant Care, Psychological ward And many more. These automation solutions are meant to co-work, coordinate and work on the command of medical professionals. These systems significantly boost their alertness, work efficiency and deliver their ultimate precision performance.


1. Doctor Assistant Automation Solutions


2. Nurse and Patient Care Automation Solutions


3. ER Robotics Assistance Solutions 

4. Military Field ER Doctor Assistance Automation Solutions

5. Surgical Assistance Robotic Automation Solutions

6. Burn Ward Assistance Automation

7. Infectious Disease & Special Quarentine Patient, Nurse & Doctor Assistance Robotic Automation

8. Psychological Automation Assistance

Configurable Multi-Purpose.png

 Our Configurable surgical robotics can be used in different types of surgeries with configurable & tunable surgical instruments. These robots can be used to be alongside Advanced A.I assistance. A multipurpose robot to perform the most type of


1. CMORS  Type-1

2. CMORS Type-2

3. CMORS Ultima

Ambulance & Air-Ambulance Automation.png

Air ambulances and Ambulances can be bumpy, chaotic and not enough equipped for the specific type of patients, our easy to deploy, use and sustain automation solutions for the patients. We provide three different types of air-ambulance and ambulance solutions.

1. Physical Injury & Wound Sustainment Ambulance Automation

2. Respiratory & Infectious Diseases Control & Sustainment Ambulance & Air-Ambulance Automation

3. Poisoning Sustainment Automation

4. Advanced Micro OPD Military Air-Ambulance Automation

5. Accident Sustainment Air-Ambulance Automation


Micro-Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery, Complex Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Biopsies, Neural Microsurgery, Eye Surgeries, General Surgeries & many more complex surgeries made super-easy with these robots. Have the ultimate Flexibility, Super Stability & The Ultimate System User-Friendliness with Robots to do your job in highest precision which is not possible by any human.


1. MIA Type -1


2. MIA Type-2


3. MIA Type-3


4. MIA Type -4


5. MIA Type-5


Selective Drug Delivery.png

Our Selective Drug Delivery Robotic Solutions & Tissue Culture

Systems/Automation lets doctors & technicians can put drugs, stimulants, genetic material delivery, and artificial cellular visualizer.



1. SDRS Type-1

2. SDRS Type-2

3. SDRS Nano

4. Advanced Tissue Culture & Stem Cell Automation 

Ortho Robotics.png

Reconstructive Orthopedics; Advanced Visualisation & Detection & Exoskeleton Therapies are few of our current orthopedic robotics solutions.

1. Reconstructive Orthopedics Surgical Assitance & Multi-Stage Automation Solutions

2. Advanced Visualization & A.I Assisted Detection Systems

3.  Critical Orthopedic Physical Therapy Configurable Exoskeleton Solutions

Hybrid 3D Medical .png

Our Medical Hybrid 3D printers let you print especially modeled/made prosthetics casts/support equipment, these printers also print special support structures for special cases and patient recovery.

1. Hybrid 3D Medical Printer

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