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Robotic Mining

Surface Mining.png

Our Surface Mining Solutions come for Open-Pit Mining, High-wall mining, Mountain-Top Removal & Strip Mining situations. These mining systems are a semi-autonomous, autonomous & private network controlled Heavy-Scale Mining Robotics with advanced sensing options. Some of these systems come efficient Turbo-Mounted Efficient Hybrid-Power Plant.

1. Heavy Scale Automated Mining Dump Trucks

2. Multi-Bucket Excavator Heavy Robotic Lineup

3. Multi-Angle Freedom Large Automated Drills With Advanced Sensing

4. Multi-Bucket Robotic Dragline With Built-In Convair Belts

5. Automated Dozer Type-1

6. Automated Dozer Type-2

7. Automated Dozer Type-3

8. Recovery Cranes & Machinery

9. Automated Front-End Loader

10. Robotic Supervisor SWARM

Heavy Scale Mining.png
mining field iot.png

* Mining Field IOT & IOT Cloud

Mines come in different forms of fields, areas, underground tunnel, mountains, valleys, plateaus, forests, deserts, rivers & even the oceans. But having all the natural, weather data, mechanical data, vehicles, processing systems, railway systems & Conveyor belts, Labour Positions & many more data of the whole sub-environment of the mine.


1. Open Terrain Mining Field IOT Sensors & IOT Cloud Solutions

2. Sub-Surface Mining Tunnel & Field IOT Sensors & IOT Cloud Solution

3. IOT Observation Automation Solutions

4. AI-Assisted Mine Management Cloud Solutions

Today's human-operated Heavy-Scale Mining Vehicles & Types of equipment are chaotic to operate & complex to monitor all systems/situations; Our Heavy Scale Mining Machinery IOT & IOT Cloud lets you manage, visualize, manage, enhanced situational awareness & have more control capabilities in the mining field, those machines & vehicles. Advanced all-weather, 

resistant, rugged & accurate multi-sensor blocks with come with Advanced AI sensing & Deep learning Capabilities, which lets you know about the connection relation between those multiple sensor data.

1. Heavy-Scale Mining Machinery IOT Multi-Sensor Block Systems

2. Distributed IOT Mining Cloud & Sensor Applications

Mining Management .png

Different types of Mining & Mining situations come with different challenges & Obstructions but running mine with lower running cost, human accidents, material management, supply management, labor force management, disaster management, advanced weather prediction & mining structural

situation awareness - is a challenge in another level. Which is better done with computers than a single human brain. Our Mining Cloud lets you have all the possible data, analytical data & predictive data in your fingertips with live data & processing.


1. Hybrid Mining Cloud Architecture 

2. A.I Assisted Mining & Mining Engineering Management Cloud Solutions

3. Distributed Mining Cloud Architecture & Solutions

4. Multi-Channeled IOT Hybrid Data Cloud Solution

Different Stage Automation.png

Automate your current mining vehicles, equipment & machinery for significant cost reduction, higher working hours

& more revenue generation.

1. Automation Modification Stage -1

2 Automation Modification Stage -2

Precious Metal Mining.png
Deep Underground Minin.png

Deep underground mines are hot, lacks oxygen, leaks hot water,

toxic gases have higher air-pressure, weaker in structural strength & hardest for rescuers to operate; but they contain some of the most precious metal pockets, precious stones & rich ores. Our Deep-Underground Mining Robotic Solutions lets you mine that situation with a lot of raw material generation, a lot more efficiency in finding the right storage pocket & mining it.

1. Advanced D.U Mining Drilling & Structural Construction Automation

2. Multi-Drilling Equipment & Advanced Material Sensing Robotic Vehicles

3. D.U Hybrid Storage Excavator

4. Automated High-Speed RAW Material Transportation Rail Systems


Oil & Natural Gas mine search, mining operation & maintenance is a critical job to do; which comes with lots of challenges and risks. Our robots let you maintain, mine, recover

find new Motherload Pockets & Monitor the whole Rig, Field & Area.


1. Sea & Deep-Sea Oil & Natural Gas Rig Maintenance Automation Solution

2. Desert & Land Oil & Natural Gas Rig Automation Solutions & Systems

3. Advanced Sensing Combined High-Pressure Pump & Pipe-line Solution

4. Single Entry Multi-Area Simultaneous Drilling & Pipeline Installation Robotic Machinery

5. Oil-Spill In Sea Recovery & Rig Control Regain Robotic Solutions

Monitor, Manage, Analyze & Prepare (For Certain Situations) your oil fields & natural reserves to mining efficiently, omit damaging chances or avoid blow-up situations. Our IoT Sensors & IoT Cloud lets you have all the natural & mechanical data available at your fingertips, Advanced AI to have all the analytical data & manage situations with much more ease.

1. Land Oil & Natural Gas IOT Sensors & Monitoring Device Blocks

2. Oceanic Oil & Natural Gas IOT Sensors & Monitoring Device Blocks

3. Oil & Natural Gas Monitoring & AI-Assisted Management Cloud

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