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Wave Rider

We provide two different types of Wave Rider systems in types of Ships. Our Systems & Softwares make sure your Ships & Shipping Lineup stay Safe & Secure in different sea situations & conditions.


Advanced AI, Satellite Data & Network Based Autopilot Systems to Navigate various types of Ships around with accuracy while mitigating all types of risks in real-time & future.

1.1 WR1 Cruise Ship Solutions


1.2 WR1 Cargo Ship Solutions

1.3 1.3 WR1 Yacht Solutions



Automated Path Planning & Co-operative Naval Vehicle In Rough Seas, Extreme Weather Conditions, Narrow Passage Areas & Dangerous Locations.


2.1 WR2-1 (Water Surface & Sub-Surface Path Planning)

2.2 WR2-2 (Under Water Surface Data 3D
Visualization & Autonomous Path

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