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Chemical & Material Science Positions

Program Manager

As a program manager, you will be responsible for the key development of material-chemical solution development and material production methodologies. These projects will play a critical role in product performance and match our company's broader objectives. You will prepare and manage your projects in direct cooperation with customer requirements, business adaptation, advanced technologies implementation, and producing succession target margins.

Lead Material Designer and Processing

As a material design and process management engineer you will develop new solutions in the field of chemical, composite, and metallurgical processes. additive alloys, super-alloys, and material management processes. You will be the integrated part of the end solutions development and advancement team. You will be responsible for the material research and research team handling. Solutions developed by your team will push innovation capabilities boundaries in aviation.

Material Fabrication and Treatment

As a metallurgical engineer, you will develop, apply and formulate treatments for custom structures. You will work in the areas of alloys, powder metallurgy, lightweight alloys, super-alloys, and treatment methodologies. You will work in collaboration with multiple teams to deliver and advance the current and future product line. You will be responsible for the development and advancement of manufacturing processes. QA processes and repair methodologies will be in your workflow post-project validation cycle.

Composite Design & Processing

You will be part of the composite research and development group. You will be working in the areas of hybrid composites, 3D composite fabrication layouts, hybrid composite structures, plastics, manufacturing methodologies, and treatments.

CMC and High temp materials

You will be part of our high-temperature material solutions team. With this team, you will work in the field of high-temperature and ultra-high-temperature materials. You will design, develop and implement these technology solutions in the assigned part's geometry.

Additive Manufacturing and treatments

As an AMF engineer, you will be responsible for designing, preparing, and validating the assigned parts. You will be part of the AMF solutions team which works in the field of AMF production machinery, QA machinery, product treatment machinery, and advanced material handling. System certification and repair methodologies development will also be a part of your workflow.

Coatings & Paints

You will work in the field of thermal barrier, environmental protection, optical, electronic protection coatings, and application methodologies development. As a part of the team, you will also be managing the coating and paint handling machinery management. These solutions are targeted for supersonic and hypersonic operational conditions, propulsion solutions, an advanced product lineup; and further life-cycle advancements.

Production Planner and Coordinator

You will be responsible for the company's material handling, management, and manufacturing processes. You will manage the different materials required for different parts of the products and batch QA. Material fabrication, construction, and treatment machinery will be under your direct supervision.

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