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 About Us

Quantum_AI Group Of Companies is a parent company of 15 different businesses
Qauntum_AI Group of Companies is owned by   QAI Technologies


Military Systems

We live in a period where war is fought not just between humans, but also Robotic Systems, Autonomous Systems, and SWARM Enabled Systems are playing a huge role in war-winning and national security safety-related matters. In this field, we create the best systems to keep our troops safe and dominate the battlefield.


Space Based System

Humanity is in a certain time period where space is becoming more accessible in a few different ways and research is making human living possibilities more comfortable and secure. We visualize a future where humans living in large numbers with much better living standards and more safely.   


Quantum Computers

We got industry-leading Quantum Computing Platforms and software solutions for the global community. These systems we are building are set to revolutionize the global cloud computing and the high-performance computing community.


Cyber Security

We have different cybersecurity solutions for different platforms and working conditions. We specialize in advanced cryptographic solutions, digital asset protection, and many more


Product Types

There are more than 100+ products and their variations

are available through our companies



Aerospace solutions are an integrated part of our modern society from commercial aerospace to defense aerospace. Whether you are traveling or keeping your country's airspace safe, we have advanced and economic solutions for you and you country

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