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Heavy Longterm Space Architecture And normalized human space habitation in multi-planetary society require a new generation of re-usable heavy space launch vehicles. This class of heavy reusable space launch vehicles will help humanity to develop, democratize, normalize and expand the limitations of the global human race. We are building this class of orbital launch vehicles to develop a larger space economy, push safe human habitation in space, a heavy launch capable, reliable, all-weather, a higher level of space flight-ready status, economically feasible space access option for the global community. 

We offer two different payload delivery options:-

1. Private Launch 

2. Shared Launch

Technical Specifications
Height- 145+(48 or 62 or 68 or 72) m
Diameter- 13.8 m
Cores- 1
Engines- 34 CTS-2, 34 Boosters
Stages- 2
Payload Capacity- 120m.t (To LEO)
Fuel Type- LH2 + LOX (Liquid Hydrogen + Liquid Oxygen)
Total Thrust- 272,000 kn
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