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Image by ben o'bro

Honey Bee

HB is the future of safe & secure daily urban air mobility. Urban air mobility changes the way we deal with the daily commute & traffic congestion. These aircraft are going to change our daily life with quicker location reachability, goods delivery, and city real-estate locations. Honeybee family of Hybrid-Electric VTOL aircraft will let people reach further, greener and faster.



Some Of Their Common Features are:- 

1. Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous & Remotely Piloted flight modes.

2. Fully Carbon-neutral safe and quiet flights.

3. Designed for Personal, Shared, and Cargo delivery flight operations.

4. Built-In Power backup options.

5. Multi-Layer passenger security options.


Medium Range 2+1 passenger VTOL Aircraft 



Long Range 4+1 passenger VTOL Aircraft

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