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Air-Mobility At Your Doorstep

Cities are getting much more crowded and traffic jam is getting unbearable. Reaching your destination taking time longer than ever. Intercity air travel is also taking time because of the congested airports and their busy runways. This aircraft solves all of these problems of now and problems of the busy future travel situations, while significantly increasing your daily air travel experience. This VTOL aircraft lets you have the ability to land anywhere like a Helicopter but have the range and speed of a regional airliner. This is a Hybrid aircraft which means this system runs on Jet Fuel & Electricity. Save up to 50% of the fuel cost

You don't have to leave the luxuries of your home, you can customize this aircraft's interior as you like. Whatever luxury you can dream of we can build it for you. Make every moment of air-travel Luxurious, Fashionable & Memorable.

This aircraft is built with more than four different types of Carbon Fiber And other proprietary Ultralight & Ultrastrong Exotic materials. Which makes this aircraft more fuel-efficient & stronger even without any modification.

Avoid traffic with Speed, Luxury, Comfort & Safety. Go Anywhere and land Anywhere you like.

For businesses, this aircraft uses a lot less fuel and can also run on electricity as it's hybrid. This Aircraft is much easier and cheaper to maintain; our other advanced aircraft maintenance & hanger automation solution lets you cut down your maintenance crew. This is the ultimate option to generate more revenue for businesses and airlines. Your air transport business can operate without any runway and have high-frequency flight operations.

Engine - "Our own Hybrid-Electric Jet Engines fall for new Patent & Sub-Category Patent Generation; Because of pending patent statues we can't share anything about our Engines". And our engines will be alternative fuel adaptable.


1. Plug-In Hybrid

2. Reduced Emissions

3. Lower Fuel Costs

4. Luxurious Cabin

5. Advanced Entertainment Systems

6. Built-In Personal Experience A.I. Assistant

7. Advanced A.I. Enabled Autopilot

8. Lower Maintenance Costs

9. Faster & Longer Travel Options Without Run-way

10. Electronic Zero Emission Flight Mode

11. 24/7 Advanced Aircraft & Traveller Security


12. Reduced Noise


& Many More...

Technical Specifications 





Length (M)




Height (M)

Range (KM)


Engines- 2xHTS-960 
Top Speed - 650 Km/H
Propeller Type-
Dual Contra-Rotating Rotor(4x2)

Propeller Type- Dual Contra-Rotating Rotor(4x2)

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