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Industrial Positions

Program Manager

As a program manager, you will be responsible for the key development and management of manufacturing and production equipment of assigned products. You and your team will play a critical role in the production performance and matching our company's broader objectives. Customer requirements, business adaptation, technologies, and project planning will be the key responsibilities of this position.

Advanced Automation & robotics

As an automation and robotics engineer, you will design, develop and integrate custom automation units and custom robotics platforms. These solutions will be our company's journey from standardization of Industry 4.0+ manufacturing methodologies. System software development, embedded programming, and custom AI training methodologies development will be in your workflow.

Process controller

You will be responsible for production planning, order management, factory capabilities customization, and supply-chain communication.

Production machinery

You will be part of a team that designs, manages, and oversees the custom production equipment and solutions. You will work in the field of system design and deployment management.

Digital factory and controller

You are working in the field factory units, custom machinery, floor automation, and unit upgradation cycles. As a digital manufacturing engineer, you will be managing your assigned factory floor. Alongside that, you will be closely working with multiple domain teams for the further advancement of our industry 4.0+ factory and MRO stations.

Testings and Quality Control

As a testing and quality control engineer you will be responsible for the multi-stage and final testing and QA processing supervisory. You work in collaboration with multiple teams and customers for pre-delivery processes.

Material handling and maintenance

As a material handling associate, you will be responsible for product-specific material sourcing, storage, and management of custom materials. You will be working closely with the production team to fulfill the production and delivery target fulfillment.

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