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Naval Robotics Solutions

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Underwater ROV is the gateway to the wonderful & beautiful world of Oceans. Marine research, exploration, rescue & material recovery. Our underwater ROVs are categorized into two different categories civilian & military. Civilian private amusement ROVS/Submarines can be carried with you Yacht or 

Super Yacht for Party in Under the Sea and also experience the beauty of Marine Life.

1. Civilian 

1.1 Nautulaues

1.2 Sea Pearl

2. Research ROV (On-Demand)

3. Military/Navy (Classified)

cruise & yacht automation.png

Cruise/Yacht Automation Solution

Yacht or Cruise it's expensive to run & maintain. This expensive bill comes with some unnecessary costs which can be significantly reduced with our Robotic Solution & Automation.

Yachts are expensive, exotic & exquisite. Our Systems lets you maintain your Luxury yacht to its Maximum Glory & Glamour.

Our Yachting Experience Automation & recreational systems lets you have the best time of your life in the sea.

1. Yachts Helipad Automation & Safety Solutions

2. Yacht Safety & Port Navigation Systems

3. Yacht Cleaning & Hygiene Automation

4. Yachting "Experience" Automation

5. Yacht Recreational Sub-System Lineup


Running a Cruising Line is very economically risky & these Cruises are filled with delicate, fragile & expensive artifacts and objects. These objects need to be taken care of after a few times of usage. Our Advanced & Fun recreational Automation systems will keep your passengers entertained, amused and safe.  

1. On-Board Cleaning & Hygiene Automation Solutions

2. Robotic Butler

3. Private Cabin Automation Type-1

4. Private Cabin Automation Type-2

5. Robotic Crew Co-worker Solutions

6. Cruise Safety Automation

naval maintenance.png

Maintenance & Repair can be hard and also crucial part of A Ships Life-Span & Safety. It can be toxic, very dangerous & time consuming with human labors. But our robots let you do all of that much more precision, lower cost, faster & in-different conditions.

1. Cruise Maintenance Robotics

2. Yacht & Luxury Boat Maintenance & Cleaning Automation

3. Cargo Maintenance & Repair Automation

4. Military/Navy Ship Maintenance Automation

6. Underwater ROV Submarine Maintenance Automation Solutions

7. Dry Dock Automation

8. Under Water Robotic Maintenance & Repair Robotic Solutions

naval swarm.png

These SWARM Systems for three kinds of usage situations and works in the most efficient way possible of its job.

1. Civil Recreational Naval SWARM Systems

2. Rescue & Life-Line Naval SWARM Systems

3. Military Naval SWARM Systems

oil rig.png

Oil & Natural Gas Platforms in the ocean are one of the hardest

& most complex machinery to keep track, observer, maintain, repair & reach. With our Oil & Natural Gas Rig Automation Solutions, it's so easy to monitor, analyze, detect, repair, & recover the whole station & stations systems


1. Deep Sea Pip-Line Observational Automation

2. Deep-Sea Terrain Mapping & Observational ROV Solutions

3. Oil Spill Recovery System Automation

4. Deep Sea Pipe-line Recovery & Repair Robotics

5. Under-Water Concrete Base Repair Solutions

6. Loader Ship Safety Check-up & Tug Automation

7. Onboard Cleaning & Observational Automation

8. Deep-Sea Drilling Automation

9. Pipe-Surface Cleaning Robotics

We live on a planet where our continents are surrounded by ocean. And oceans play a huge and deeply related complex role in our weather, shipping routes, economy & civilization. So marine research is very important to the scientific world & humanity. Our marine research vehicles come in different shapes and working conditions usabilities. But we are also open to build private customized solutions.

1. Marine Biology Research Vehicles & ROV Solutions

2. Marine Geography & Shipwreck Research Vehicles

3. Arctic Research Vehicles

4. Advanced Deep-Sea Exploration Robotics

shipyard automation.png

Modern shipyards can be a chaotic place to keep track of and successfully manage the shipyard. Every type of shipyard have their own type of operation, deploy, supply, labor force, customs & management needs/challenges; but Our IOT Systems, Automation, Automated Vehicles & IOT Cloud Makes it easy for you to have all the observational Data, Management Assessment Data & Analytical Data in your fingertips.

1. Cargo Port IOT Solution & IOT Cloud

2. Shipyard Transportation Automation Vehicle Lineup

3. Advanced Efficient Tugboat Automation With Enhanced Sensing

4. Port Supply Chain Management Automation & AI Advisory Cloud Solutions

5. Public Port IOT Solution & IOT Cloud

6. Luggage & Private Cargo Carrier Automation

7. Advanced Tugboat & Port Parking Safety Automation Solutions

8. Seafood International Marketplace Cloud Solutions

9. Oil & Gas Cargo Safty Management Solutions

10. Cargo Management Automation

11. Customs Support Automation

12. Advanced Digital Cargo Passage Gateways

cargo ship automation.png

Most of the worlds imported and exported goods are shipped through Cargo Ships. Expensive Cargo to Milimal Value Cargo plays a huge role in Today's modern worlds Supply-Chain, Companies Future & A Countries Tax Revenue. Our IOT Systems Let You have all the Technical, Analytical, Surrounding Seas Natural/Weather/Behavior Data, Crew Positions & AI Advisory Data at the palm of your hands.

1. Cargo Ship IOT Sensing & System Solutions

2. Cargo Ship IOT Hybrid Cloud & Networking Solutions

3. Advanced Control Center Solutions

naval awarness.png

Piracy, Extreme Weather, Engine Failure, Systems Failure, Unbalanced Cargo Placement, Undetected Under-Water Sand Dunes, Leakage, Toxic Material Exposure, And Many Other reasons can be a huge problem for the naval crew to go through.

Our Advanced Naval Awareness Cloud lets you find the split-second help you or your crew need in that precious moment.


1. Advanced Naval Awareness Hybrid Cloud

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