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Fly In The Fastest Business Jet
Worlds Fastest, Long Range, Super Business Jet

When mighty The Blackbird(Sr-71) is slower than your jet, that is something very very rare in public & private air travel history. But at that same time; your jet is greener, cheaper to maintain, and much more advanced than The Black-Bird; while more luxurious & safer than any other business jet. It's not just an engineering quantum leap but also an artistic masterpiece in private air travel history.
Fly in the Fastest, Most Luxurious, Safe, and Technologically advanced business jet ever created. This is a creation of  Science, Technology, Luxury & Art working in perfect harmony.  All the airports around the earth are on this range of this jet.

Fly At The Speed Of MACH 5.2+

Create your personal jet with customization options, stay connected with the world (Normal and Encrypted). Fly non-stop around the world.

Luxury & Comfort - Forget Every Other Jet that you have flown in. Fly in luxury "Never Imagined Before". Long journies can be tiring but you never feel tired or bored while in the air.  Our "Mood Systems" and Entertainment systems will keep you companied, whenever you want it. You can totally customize the interior just the way you want it.

Speed - When you fly on this jet you can reach your destinations in less time than ever before. The world becomes much easier to access and reach. Fly in the speed range that today's fighter jets can't reach.

Safety - This Jet is equipped with In-flight Safty Solutions, Live
24/7 Multi-Satellite Tracking/Personal Air Traffic Control Support, Medical Safty, Weather Safety, and other safety/security solutions. Our engineers and experts make sure that you and your crew always stay safe in the air.

Connectivity- Stay connected with the world while in the air, our jet comes with networking solutions that let you use normal and encrypted internet. So you stay informed with the information you want and work whenever you want.

Technology- This Jet Comes with state-of-the-art technologies from Aerospace Technological Advancements, Inflight Automation, Connectivity, Tracking Systems, Advanced Radar, Assisted Landing, and Takeoff, Personal AI Assistant, Comfort Systems, Emergency Management Systems, and many more. We offer VR, 360 Viewpoint ( Which makes you float in the sky), and state of an art entertainment systems; so you can have a party in the air whenever you want it.

Running Cost - AS this is a Hybrid-Electric Jet, it saves 20% in fuel cost. We provide a robotic maintenance line-up to keep your jet ready to fly whenever you want it. All the cost-cutting solutions significantly cut costs in all areas.

Engine - "Our own Hybrid-Electric Jet Engines fall for new Patent & Sub-Category Patent Generation; Because of pending patent statutes we can't share anything about our Engines". And our engines will be alternative fuel adaptable.



1. Reduced Sonic Boom At Supersonic Speeds

2. Reduced Emissions

3. Fastest Super-Sonic Business Jets In This Class

4. Plug-In Hybrid

5. Electronic Zero-Emission Flight Range Options

6. Super-Cruise Enabled Flight

7. The Most Luxurious & Advanced Cabin

8. Lower Maintenance Costs

9. Built-In Personal Experience A.I. Assistant

10. Advanced A.I. Enabled Autopilot

11. 24/7 Advanced Jet & Traveller Security


12. Extreme Customization options with Artistic Touches


& Many More...

Technical Specifications 






Length (M)


Wing Span (M)


Height (M)

Range (KM)

Engines- 2xHTJ-690X 
Engines- 2xHTJ-690X 
Top Speed MACH - 5.2+
Top Speed MACH - 5.2+
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