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Multi-role Light Weight Helicopter Family

We are building a twin-engine lightweight helicopter family with advanced multi-role adaptability capabilities. This helicopter will provide un-matchable performance with our versatile cabin design, advanced AI-enabled control systems, and future of luxury.  Our helicopter will make sure that you always stay safe and comfortable while in the air.

For private & business travelers it has the most luxurious, spacious & technologically advanced cabin ever built. We also provide & integrate special luxurious amenities on customer demand.

Futuristic  & Unmatched Performance- The future is always unpredictable on what technological advancement might come, so our platform is built in a way that makes sure that it stays ahead of its competitors. This helicopter family is the best solution you can have for your business, private use & your army.

Lower Fuel & Maintainance Costs- AS this is a Hybrid-Electric helicopter family it saves up to 40% fuel costs. We provide a robotic maintenance line-up to keep your helicopter ready to fly whenever you want it. It makes sure that you always fly safely, efficiently & comfortably while the helicopter stays in the health & usage conditions.

Advanced Safety & Comfort- This Helicopter family is equipped with In-flight Safety Solutions, Live 24/7 Multi-Satellite Tracking/Personal Air Traffic Control Support, Medical Safety, Weather Safety, and other safety/security solutions. Our engineers and experts make sure that you and your crew always stay safe in the air. Our "Mood Systems" and Entertainment systems will keep relaxed & entertained while you are in the air.

Engine- "Our own Hybrid-Electric Turboshaft Jet Engines fall for new Patent & Sub-Category Patent Generation; Because of pending patent statues we can't share anything about our Engines". And our engines will be alternative fuel adaptable.

Tailor-Made & Specific Upgrade For:-

1. Private, Executive & Corporate Transport
2. Business Operators
3. Industrial User 
4. Medical, Search & Rescue Missions
5. Cargo Delivery
6. Govt


1. Reduced Emissions

2. Plug-In Hybrid

3. Higher Security & Safety Standards

4. Reduced Noise

5. 24/7 Advanced Global Safety & Security Support

6. Alternative Fuel Adaptable

7. Lower Maintenance Costs

8. Built-in A.I. Assistant System

9. Electronic Zero-Emission Flight Mode

10. Advanced Built-In AI-Enabled Autonomous & Semiautonomous Flight Modes

11. Electronic Thruster

12. Exceptional control, Management & Maneuverability

13. Guided External Weight Management

14. Smart Engine & Power Management System

& Many More...

Technical Specifications 



Range (KM)


Length (M)


Rotor Diameter (M)


Height (M)




Speed (KPH)


Cabin Width (M)


2x 4


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