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QHE Engines

Propulsion . Power . Perfection

We are a fundamentally innovation-driven advanced propulsion and power systems company. In our product development, validation, and testing journey we built key critical Software, AI, Simulation, and Manufactuing technologies. All of these work in an interconnected way to fulfill one goal - Customer Succession 


Our Core Visions are-

  • Higher quality longer lifespan products
  • New and advanced features for our customers
  • More performance, safety, and margins

Our products are designed to be integrated and maintained globally with our 24/7 available end-to-end automated MRO stations for quicker, safer, and high-precision operations.

Civilian Solutions

Our civilian solutions portfolio covers a wide range of requirements for current, future, and new disruptive market segments. From Hydrogen to SAF to Hybrid-electric propulsion solutions are available for every segment of subsonic, supersonic. high supersonic and hypersonic solutions. Sustainability, more margins, and enhanced safety - are the core building blocks of our digital thread-based product architecture. In our digital thread-based product management software stack we have heavily focused on our customer's ease of integration, transition, operations and new capabilities exploration.

Defense Solutions

Customer Superiority, Advanced Capabilities Stack. Higher Performance and Operational Adaptability- are the few design philosophies embedded in all of our defense solutions. Having the Superiority and Survivability factors in modern warfare space is the common requirement of every customer; our wide range of niche solutions fulfills, accelerates, and enhances these goals. From Stealth to Hydrogen to Hybrid to Hypersonic aircraft  our propulsion systems will play the quantum leap for your transition to next level of performance.

Join our team to be a part of an innovative ecosystem through which we are disrupting a wide range of industries from flight to marine propulsion to energy generation

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