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Space Robotics


Space is vast which can't just be conquered with human labor or common machinery. Only one way to solve this problem is to working side by side with Advanced Robots, AI Assisted Robots,

Astronauts, Heavy Space Robotics & Space-Crafts.

1. Advanced AI Integrated Space-Suit Lineup


2. Enhanced Abilities Space Work Exo-Skeletons


3. AI Integrated Robotic Control-End User Interfaces


satellite Maintaineneance.png

Putting A Satellite is expensive in every way and maintaining & repairing is a challenge of another level. With today's technological advancement rate general satellites become technically obsolete after a few years and all of that R&D money goes to waste. With Our Advanced Space Robotic Solutions, you can Maintain, Repair, Refuel, Modify, Capture, Reorbit/Orbital Correction & Have Advanced Modules Connected with it.

1. Orbital Satellite Maintenance & Refueling Robotic Solutions

2. Robotic Repair, Modify & Advancement Of Satellite & Space

Probe Solutions


Space exploration & Space Habitation is a common incident of today's space missions. But there is no normal Human habitable space capsule or living solutions. Our Advanced controlled robotic sub-environments are much more normal, free, healthier, safe & liveable for current and future generation of astronauts. These Systems, Capsules & Structures makes living in Space, Moon & Mars easier.


1. Private Space Port

2. Advanced Space Capsule & Human Carrier

3. Space Capsule Automation Lineup

3. Dome Generation Automation

4. Planetary Human Habitation Development Automation

5. Planetary Human Habitation Automation Lineup

Stability in space is very important for Probe Stability & Mission Planning. It's easier to get lost in Space than staying in the path, so our systems let you control your devices/probes/spacecraft

position, stability & orbital positioning locations.



1. SDDSR Type-1

2. SDDSR Type-2

3. SDDSR Type-3

Space SWARM Robotic Solutions


Advanced Exploration Robotic Solutions


Research Systems


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