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Hardware Solutions

Introducing the world's most advanced Data Hardware Solutions. We make sure that your servers, IOT & "other" systems always stay ahead of time & your systems can always handle the computational need of now & future. You can have the computational power of supercomputers with the out outrageous energy bills, space requirements, enormous cooling systems. Use our Photonic Processor integrated servers to compute at the Speed of Light.



1. Quantum Computation Integrated Hybrid Server Solutions

2. Photonic Processor Powered Server Series

2.1 PPPS-1000 Series

2.2 PPPS-2000 Series

2.3 PPPS-3000 Series

2.4 PPPS-4000 Series

2.5 PPPS-5000 Series

3. Virtual Quantum Computation(Qloud) Powered Hybrid Architecture Cloud Solutions

4. Advanced Quantum Computation Powered Quantum Super Computation Architecture Solutions

5. Advanced Automation Control Server Solutions

6. A.I Assisted Adaptive Computation Server Solutions

7. A.I Assisted Hybrid Cloud Structure Solutions

8. Advanced Encrypted Hardware Solutions

9. Distributed I.O.T Type Computation Solutions & Systems

10. Advanced A.I. Assisted Mobile Cloud Systems

11. Satellite Live Data Flow Management Server Architecture Solutions

12. Advanced Live Data Visualization Solutions & Systems

12.1 Rooms

12.2 Mobile Systems

12.3 Remote Systems

12.4 Interactive Systems

12.5 “Special” Systems

13. Photonic Processor Powered Super Computation Solutions

14. Advanced A.I Assisted Parallel Server Cluster Solutions

15. A.I Assisted Heavy ScaleNetworking Server Solutions

16. High-Speed Networking Servers With Integrated Photonic Processors

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