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 QH Helicopters 

Experience the future of high-speed, autonomous helicopters

QH Helicopter where innovation, speed, and versatility converge in the world of next-generation autonomous civilian and advanced military helicopters. We specialize in crafting high-speed contra-coaxial helicopters powered by hydrogen and SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), setting new benchmarks in aviation technology and performance. We're dedicated to revolutionizing helicopter technology by integrating cutting-edge propulsion systems and autonomous capabilities. Our team comprises visionary engineers, aviation experts, and innovators committed to pushing the boundaries of helicopter design and performance.

Core Features:

  • Leading Innovation: Pioneering the integration of hydrogen and SAF in high-speed contra-coaxial helicopters for civilian and military use.

  • High-Speed Contra-Coaxial Design: Unmatched agility and speed due to our innovative contra-coaxial rotor system, ensuring stability and maneuverability.

  • Autonomous Capabilities: Advanced autonomous features for precise navigation and operational efficiency.

  • Military-grade Precision: Military variants designed with the latest defense technologies for superior performance and safety.

  • Safety & Reliability: Our helicopters are engineered with the highest safety standards and undergo rigorous testing for reliability.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Contributing to a sustainable future by utilizing eco-friendly fuel sources.

  • Customization & Adaptability: Tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of both civilian and military applications.

Our Helicopter Family:

  • Autonomous Civilian Helicopters: Experience the future of air transportation with our autonomous helicopters designed for civilian use. These helicopters prioritize safety, speed, and efficiency, providing a seamless and comfortable travel experience.

  • Advanced Military Helicopters: Our advanced military helicopter family delivers unparalleled performance, agility, and adaptability. Built to meet the rigorous demands of defense, these helicopters incorporate cutting-edge technology for tactical superiority.

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