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Software Positions

Program Manager

As a program manager, you will be responsible for the key development of software solutions and tools. These software projects will play a critical role in the system's performance and match our company's broader objectives. You will prepare and manage your projects in direct cooperation with customer requirements, business adaptation, advanced technologies implementation, and producing succession target margins.

Lead Design & Solutions Architect

As a software architect, you design solutions and tools which directly push boundaries in aircraft systems and MRO solutions. You develop project-specific software design methodologies and architectures, integrate them with end applications, and deliver them.

Embedded Software Developer

As an embedded software engineer you will develop and program control systems and custom boards. You will work in collaboration with multiple teams to execute the company's larger technical goals.

Software Developer

You will use your skill-set and experience to work with large teams for assigned project-wise software development, database, UI, Cyber security, and system integration. Coding methodologies implementation, innovative design, and optimization will be your core task areas.

Full Stack Developer

You will use your advanced programming skill-set and experience for the development of companies that need specific tools and solutions. You will work with multiple team members and collaborate with multi-domain teams for company projects. Front-end, back-end, and innovative problem-solving skill-set will be used for the development process.

Production & Implementation

You will be responsible for the final implementation and software production process for multiple software solutions and tool-set delivery to the stakeholders. You will analyze the software development intent and goal-set margin fulfillment. Alongside that, you will explore and develop future strategies for the product and control software versions.

Data sciences and AI

You will be responsible for the development of new machine learning solutions, data-driven solutions, data analytics, and AI solutions portfolios. Your experience and knowledge will be of direct use for the innovative solutions design and development cycles. You will explore and research the areas of multi-domain automation, system intelligence, and application deployment.

Testing and QA

You are responsible for software testing and quality control in multiple areas and systems. You will execute manual, automated, exploitation, and black hat methodologies based on application quality and security assurance.

Advanced Software developer

You will be part of our advanced software research and development team. You will work within the areas of CAE tool-set development, HPC, CAT, AI-ML, and enterprise research toolsets. You will collaborate with research and multiple teams to identify, develop and deploy.

Cyber security

You will develop custom security solutions and manage applications. You manage Cyber security projects in the assigned areas of infrastructure security, embedded application, hardware security, cloud applications, and confidential project application security. You will be responsible for your projects and application platforms' total security management. You and your teams will work in collaboration with multiple teams for end-product succession.


As a developer, you will design, develop and deploy virtual reality solutions for your internal design cycle software, digital manufacturing, MRO management cloud, and advanced application tool-sets. You will be developing virtual environments and working with VR headsets for the next generation of engineering applications.

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